Intelligently Engineered and Manufactured Entirely in the USA

  • Quickly load and unload. Plus, rapidly change coil metal type  or color.
  • Stacks on pallet rack with coils, thus adding stability. Can be picked up from all sides with pallet truck or forklift
  • Change a decoiler not the coil, thus saving time and labor. Pays for itself within a year!
  • Open carriage design easily accommodates coils up to 52″ wide. Designed for 3000# and 10,000# capacities.
  • Extremely long service life, thanks to our eight support bearings, versus the standard two.


AGZ VP Benders 

A bending system made entirely in the U.S.A

  • Bend from 3/8″ to 16″ (depending on model) legs in metal sheets up to 24g. Softer metals (aluminum) up to 040
  • Bend inside and outside radii ( model VP 10 and VP 16 )
  • Bend unlimited lengths of metal on the job or in the shop. No more limitations to only 8 feet.
  • Flatten metal to be reused again. No more wasted metal from mistakes
  • Special adjustable rails allow thicker metals to be used, up to 040, squeezing of hems, and stretches metal thus making a barrel roof panel without the need of a separate tool
  • Integrated measuring scale is convenient and saves time.
  • Fabricate boc gutters, curved fascia, barrel roof panels, and a multitude of other shapes.
  • Compact sizes to fit easily in the tool box.
  • VP Bender 6 disc will form up to 1 1/4″ hems.
  • Metal hems are neat and flat
  • Hem unlimited lengths of metal sheets or metal coil.




AGZ Industries


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