Draco 19/3520 Pneumatic Metal Shears

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Profile shear with large blade opening, ideal for cutting over thickening of the material. Up to 2.0 mm steel (eg ribs in cable ducts and overlaps), U-, C- and L-profiles and spark-free cutting for use in explosion hazardous areas.

The universal cutting device for the electrical installation, recycling, appliance and switch cabinet construction.

Super-fast cutting, shortening or trimming of cable trays, switch boxes, metal-stud profiles, steel profiles, cover caps, spiral- and seam-folded tube.

  • cuts without distortion or straightening of formed parts
  • burr free cutting
  • no finishing of the edges is required
  • accurate cutting along a marked line
  • single-side trimming is possible
  • working speed up to 9 m/min
  • cutting of U-,C- and L-profiles
  • clear view to scribed line or template
  • long life tool
  • easy, one hand, operation
  • simple and safe to use
  • low air consumption
  • ideal for application in hazardous areas

Since 1951, DRÄCO has been a partner to the trade and industry, clients require the same quality and service they expect of themselves. Quality products, quality control, customer feedback, and practical testing form the basis of their brand's philosophy.

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