Draco Cordless Seam Metal Shear 5-pcs.-professional AK 3514-2 Li-Ion

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up to 2,0 mm, or 4×0,9 mm steel, or 6×0,75 mm light metal
This pair of scissors is ideal for cutting:
Spiral ducts, roof rebate, transverse rebate, ridge rebate and fillet made of sheet metal, aluminum, lead, copper, zinc or stainless steel. Roller shutter boxes, cover caps, grids and wire in cage and aviary construction (flush-edged!).
Ideal for:

  • installation companies
  • Construction plumber
  • Roofers
  • Shutter construction
  • Awning construction
  • House construction
  • Cages
  • Metalworking companies etc.

5-pcs. craftsmen-set consisting of shear AK 3514-2 Li-Ion with a 30 min. charger CLi, 2 batteries (2.0+4.0 Ah) in a transport box.

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