Draco Single Lock Hand Seamer K 8

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The Single Lock Hand Seamer K 8 is ideal for closing single seams in a single pass in profiled material. Moreover, it is ideal for start-up connections and areas with difficult access, so wherever one can not get in with the electric tilting machines and still want to work quickly. The K 8 closes the profile to a strong and fixed single seam in sheet with or without coating.

Sheet iron, aluminum, copper and zinc can be threaded to a thickness of 0.8 mm. In stainless steel the maximum thickness is 0.5 mm.

Application options:

  • The K 8 is suitable for short facades, chimney connections, front roofs, bay windows, etc., such as fixing initial connections, pre-closing on clips and closing hard-to-reach areas on facades.
  • When placing very long lanes, the K 8 can also be used for fastening and thus for temporary protection against gusts of wind.
  • If an electric seamer (eg the DRÄCO roofing machine K 9-1) can not be used directly at the beginning of a seam due to obstacles, or if the seamer at the end of the seam can not run out of the material, the K 8 closes before or after.

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