Draco Cordless corrugated nibbler AK 3161 Ni-MH Long Version

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Cold cutting without sparks. This profile nibbler is ideal for cutting and cutting roof sheet and sheet pile profile (up to 1.6 mm), even at the bottom of the profile, e.g. to cut holes for roof drains etc. Machine cuts over corners, edges and double plate (max capacity) into narrow inner corners. Optimized chip removal downwards guarantees a free, unobstructed view of the work surface or crack. Die and punches are easy to replace and grind. Incision-resistant cut across edges, seams and overlapping sheets to tight corners.
Ideal for:

  • halls, factories, roof and wall in corrugated materials
  • roofers
  • shop installation, etc.

The 12 Volt cordless nibbler 5-pcs. craftsmen set consists of: 1 cordless shear AK 3161 Ni-Mh, 2 batteries MXL12, 1 charger RC and 1 transport box.