Draco Cordless Sheet Metal Shear AK 5016 Li-Ion

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With this single-sided cutting sheet shear you can cut up to 1.6 mm steel

Agile, single-sided cutting plate shears. Ideal shear for places where deformation of the material to be cut is no problem.

  • convincingly practical machine for mid-range applications
  • easy to exchange four-sided blade
  • perfect shear if distortion is not a problem
  • applicable to any curve
  • chip-free cutting
  • high durability
  • fast, accurate cutting in every direction, even over the head
  • excellent contouring
  • clear, unimpeded view of work area and cutting line

5-pcs. craftsmen-set consisting of shear AK 5016 Li-Ion with a 30 min. charger CLi, 2 batteries (2.0+4.0 Ah) in a transport box.