Draco Nibbler PN 4320

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Nibbler PN 4320

Compact, handy nibbler mainly for cutting flat (up to 2.0 mm steel), but also profiled plate.

Ideal for cutting recesses (eg switch cabinet construction). 360º maneuverability due to the semi-circular, hollow punch. This allows any desired bend to be made.

Optimized chip removal downwards guarantees a clear view of the material to be cut.

A special mold is available for cutting trapezoidal sheet with a corner radius below 15 mm.


  • portable easy operation
  • hollow round punch for 360 degree movement (rotation on the spot)
  • high capacity with burr-free cut quality
  • fast, safe cutting of all materials that can be punched, such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and plastics
  • rotating tool system allows changing cutting direction
  • cold, fume-free cutting
  • long tool life
  • regrindable, easy to change tooling
  • ideal tool for internal cut-outs
  • single-hand working to scribed line, or to a template

Ideal For:

  • control cabinet fabrication
  • ventilation system fabrication
  • air duct construction and installation
  • boat and ship builders lighting fixture construction, etc.