North American Böcker Roofing and Construction, Inc.


Our goal is to continue as a premier supplier of tools, equipment and service to the roofing and construction industries. We still provide the major brands, e.g. Böcker, Draco, Wuko, etc… and we’ve expanded our focus on machine rental and service and refurbished equipment sales.  We also provide custom engineered solutions to meet ever expanding requirements.

NAB operations started January 1st, 1985.  Our founder, A.G. Zalal, has dedicated his life to the roofing and construction industries with over 50 years of direct experience. Thanks to his dedication, now his family has become the future of NAB. Adding to his experience and passion, his daughter, Breshnaa, and Mechanical Engineer/Son-in-Law, Jim, are now active participating in daily operations, bringing their talents to the organization.  Finally, Jim’s daughter, Rachel, has also joined the crew, focusing on website development and improving overall business processes.

We would like to thank our current customers for your many years of dedication and loyalty.  And we look forward to making new friends by continuing to provide our exceptionally high level of service and support for years to come.


A.G., Breshnaa, Jim and Rachel.