Eco-Bender, Disc-Bender & Flange Curve Bender Set Pink Edition!

Handy set for bending straight and curved metal in pink!

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Bends straight and curved metal up to 90° with the Eco-Bender 3 and Flange & Curve Bender, then bending up to 180° with the Single Disc-Bender .


  • Eco-Bender 3/200.
  • Single Disc-Bender.
  • Flange & Curve Bender BKK 25.
  • Tinsmith's gloves: Perfect Fit.
  • Tinsmith's pencil.
  • FOC ruler.
  • Carry case.


  • Flashings.
  • Standing seam.
  • Battens.
  • Welts.
  • Roof details.

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