Draco corrugated nibbler AK 3160 Li-Ion

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Cold cutting without sparks. Ideal for cutting and cutting roof sheet, sheet piling, etc., up to a profile depth of 79 mm. Machine cuts over corners, edges and double plate (max. capacity) into narrow inner corners.
Optimized chip removal downwards guarantees the free view of the material to be cut.
Ideal for:

  • halls, factories, roof and wall in corrugated materials
  • roofers
  • shop installation, etc.

5-piece 12 volt professional set AK 3160 Li-Ion consists of:
1 cordless shear AK 3160 Li-Ion,
2 batteries (2.0 Ah + 4.0 Ah),
1 charger CLi (30 Min.),
1 transport box.

  • 4-pole motors, featuring rare-earth magnets, provide more power, more run-time, and longer life than any competitor motor. This provides smaller, lighter, and more capable tools that last longer on the jobsite.
  • the batteries provide up to 40% more run-time, 20% more power and 50% more recharges than conventional lithium-Ion batteries. MD18 batteries deliver best in class performance in extreme job-site conditions, including temps as low as 0°F/-18°C. In regions where heat is also a critical factor, MD18 batteries operate
  • 20% cooler than conventional lithium-ion batteries and offer fade free power with no memory effect.
  • Fully compatible with M18™ cordless products currently available, the new MD18 battery packs provide an instant upgrade to the performance, run-time and durability of the M18™ tools you already own.
  • cutting up to 200 meters with one battery charge