Draco Universal Shears UVS-1

With the UVS-1 you can cut metals + plastics. From cardboard tubes (6 mm), gasket material, cardboard corner protectors and hard floor coverings e.g. in buses to thin sheet iron. The track scissors with its double-sided cutting system can cut very short curves – left or right – and achieve a minimum inner radius of 30 mm in plastic or 50 mm in metal (depending on the material).

Knives and jaws (side knives) can be reground.

Optional accessories are line cutters for cutting parallel strips up to 100, 250 or 500 mm.

Line cutter S/01 for metal and S/02 for plastics.


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  • cuts without distortion or straightening
  • burr free cutting
  • no finishing of the edges is required
  • accurate cutting along a marked line
  • single-side trimming is possible
  • working speed up to 9 m/min
  • clear view to scribed line or template
  • long life tool
  • easy, one hand, operation
  • simple and safe to use
  • insulated and suppressed motor
  • all purpose use for different materials
  • short curves possible
  • acoustic ceiling metal tiles, lighting fixtures