Universal Slitting Shears SD7-1

up to 2.0 mm steel

  • Usable like SD5-1, but
    double capacity. Ideal for
    utility vehicles. Cutting steps
    and seams. Good curve
    ability. Standard equipped
    with HSS-knife


Additional information




  • cutting without distortion or straightening of formed parts
  • burr free cutting
  • no finishing of the edges is required
  • accurate cutting along a marked line
  • single-side trimming is possible
  • working speed up to 5 m/min
  • cutting of U-,C- and L-profiles
  • clear view to scribed line or template
  • long life tool
  • easy, one hand, operation
  • simple and safe to use
  • noise under limit regulations
  • an insulated and suppressed motor
  • almost no maintenance necessary
  • knives and jaws regrind able
  • parts are standardized and interchangeable
  • stationary cutting in a vice possible
  • rugged tools for higher cutting capacity
  • ideal for: sheet-metal workshops