WUKO Duo Bender 3350 / 3350 PLUS

For a maximum bending height of 350 mm / 14 in. 


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Consisting of:

WUKO Duo Bender 3350

♦ WUKO Super Clamping Handle
to optimize the exertion of pressure, easily and quickly to be attached to the upper shafts of the WUKO Duo Bender, enables to put the pressure on the spot where it is needed.

♦ WUKO Quick Click Supporting Rail
to prevent any pressure marks on the material, just click it on the lower shafts of the WUKO Duo Bender

Delivered in a handy carrying case!


Technical Data:

  • Max. bending height: 350 mm / 14 in.
  • Min. bending height: 5 mm / 0.2 in.
  • Bending capacity: 0.80 mm / 0.031″ (for all common materials)
  • Weight 3.58 kg / 7.89 lbs


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